Sesame Street and Autism


How amazing is Sesame Street?!

If you haven’t already seen it, Sesame Street have a character named Julia.

Julia has autism.

As there are many children with autism around the world, Sesame Street decided to celebrate our kids and their differences with “See Amazing In All Children”. To develop Julia and this initiative, Sesame Street worked with parents, people who work with the autism community, and people with autism themselves.


What will I find on the website?

Sesame Street's Autism website has a lot for you to look through and use with your family, including;

  • Videos for kids
    Sesame Street excerpts featuring Julia
    - Some of these videos talk about common features of autism such as hand flapping (“Butterfly Flapping”)

  • Parent videos
    - Videos to support parents, including “A Parent’s Role”, and “A Sibling Story”

  • Daily routine cards
    - Similar to social stories, these cards follow Sesame Street characters carrying out daily routines
    - They include; Washing Hands, Getting A Haircut, Brushing Teeth, and Bedtime Routine

  • Story books
    - Currently two books; We’re Amazing 1, 2, 3 and Family Forever: A Julia Storybook
    - These books can be lovely to read with your child, their siblings, or even share with your child’s preschool or school

  • Read more
    - Make sure you check out the “Read More” section
    - This includes; Brothers and Sisters, Being a Friend, and Taking Care of the Caregiver


Fun fact

Well know autism blogger ‘Autism Daddy’ works for Sesame Street. He supported the development of Julia and the Sesame Street Autism site.


What can I do at home?

We recommend you look through the website, watch the videos, and share it with your community.


What next?

Our team at Acorn Autism can support your child learn new skills every day.

Please contact Acorn Autism for more information.